New Sun King Brewery Location To Open in Fishers

Sun King Brewery

Sun King Breweries’ Indianapolis location on 135 North College Avenue

#FishersIN – Sun King Brewing Company is set to open a second location in Fishers with plans to start brewing at the location on July 1, 2015 – the breweries sixth anniversary.

Kincaid Drive and Park Central Drive is the area in Fishers which Sun King Brewery will be building its new location.

Sun King is coming close to Indiana’s production limit for small brewers, if that limit were to be breached Sun King would have to close its tasting room. The state limit allows small brewers to produce 30,000 barrels of beer annually.

Sun King Brewery

Sun King Breweries’ tasting room at its Indianapolis location

Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewery offers samples of its beer to patrons who are of age in their tasting room

Sun King’s current location on College Avenue is a retrofitted facility, the new facility will be bigger and built for large-scale production allowing for future growth and the continued ability to meet demand for its beer.

Sun King Brewery

Tanks that Sun King Brewery uses to brew beer

Within the first year of operation the brewery foresees the new facility employing 20 full-time positions and 40 part-time positions.

Sun King will be holding its second annual CANvitational this Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. at Georgia Street in Indianapolis, it’s the Midwest’s largest canned craft beer festival. The event draws breweries from across America who specifically “can” its beer. For more information visit CANvitational’s website here.

Sun King Brewery

Sun King merchandise is available for purchase in their tasting room

Sun King Brewery

Patrons sampling different Sun King Beers