Fishers Real Estate Market Shows Signs of Life in 2012


What a difference a year can make. Improvements in several key stats contributed to a Fishers real estate market finally began to show some signs of life in 2012. While the market still has a ways to go compared to the pre-2008 era, it was significantly improved versus 2011. Starting with sales, a total of […]

Fishers November, 2012 Sales Up 62.5 Percent Versus 1 Year Ago


November is the time of year in Central Indiana where holiday distractions combined with cooler, fall temperatures begin to exert a noticeable effect on the real estate market, and this year it was no different. A total of 104 closings took place in November, or 25.7 percent fewer than the previous month’s total of 140. […]

Fishers Inventory Dwindles for 3rd Straight Month in October, 2012

Despite a few minor and predictable setbacks versus the previous month, the Fishers real estate market made some impressive strides in October, 2012. Take total pending sales as an example: The most recent total of 97 represents a 24.8-percent decrease versus the previous month’s total of 129. But compared to October of 2011 it is […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Holds Steady in September, 2012

The Fishers real estate market was a microcosm of the Central Indiana real estate market as a whole in September of 2012. As is typical for Central Indiana, the onset of the fall season brought with it a significant decrease in overall activity, particularly as it concerned sales. The most recent total of 121 closings […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Shows Solid Gains in June, 2012

The Fishers real estate market, at first glance, was nothing to write home about. But a closer look shows improvements took place in several key statistical areas. June’s total of just 130 pending sales, for example, while 19.8 percent below the previous month, nevertheless represents a healthy 11.1-percent improvement over last June’s total of just […]

Fishers Home Sales Rise 15.4 Percent in May, 2012

The Fishers real estate market suffered a 6.1-percent drop in total pending sales in May, 2012. While it would be too early to call it a trend, it does mark the second straight month that pending sales have fallen in Fishers since reaching a 15-month high of 168 in March of this year. Also, May’s […]

Fishers Indiana for December, 2011 Months of Inventory Report Indicates It Is Still a Buyer’s Market, Slightly

December 2011 saw the Fishers homes for sale stay in a buyers’ market of 6.5 months of inventory. This was down from the November 2011 numbers of 9 months. Indianapolis real estate trended a little worse with 8.3 months of inventory in the Indianapolis area. The good news is that is down from 8.9 from the previous month. While […]

Fishers Average Price for Sale & Sold Has Minimal Drop for December, 2011

Fishers, Indiana real estate saw 544 homes for sale in December 2011 down from 621 homes for sale in 2010. There were 92 new listings for the month and a total of 84 sold. These average price of homes for sale and average price of sold home numbers seem to be slightly above that of the Indianapolis area […]

Fishers Average Days on Market Shows Promising Results in December, 2011

Fishers Indiana real estate seemed to fare a little better compared with what the Indianapolis homes for sale market showed in regards to average days on the market. A positive in the Indianapolis market shows days on the market were down 2 percent from the previous month in 2011 from 100 to 98. The Fishers homes for sale market seems […]

Fishers Price Per Square Foot Shows Small Downturn in December, 2011

In summary, the Fishers Indiana real estate market showed increases in every area compared to the Indianapolis market. Indianapolis homes for sale were down 8.2 percent from the same month a year before while Fishers homes for sale showed a 2.4 percent increase.  And Fishers, Indianahomes spent a little less time on the market than Indianapolis homes by 10 days, […]

Fishers Homes Sold Climb 31.3 Percent in December, 2011

All of the numbers seem to be on trend with the Indianapolis real estate market. The only noticeable variance is the minuscule loss Marion County experienced in sold homes. Down 1.3-percent from 694 sold in December 2010 to 685 sold in December 2011. This shows promise and growth in the Fishers market. Fishers homes for sale showed on a […]

Total Fishers Real Estate Listings Fall 10.1 Percent in November, 2011

While there was a 4.1-percent drop in the number of Indianapolis homes for sale in November, the Fishers real estate market experienced a 10.1-percent drop in this same statistical category. This is not to mention the fact that compared to the November of 2010 there were 9.3 percent fewer homes listed on the Fishers market. […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Takes Hit in July, 2010

The Fishers real estate market took a hit as the total number of homes sold dropped an unnerving 43.6 percent, from 149 sales in June to just 84 in July, 2010. The last time we saw figures like this was in the depths of winter. Relative to July of 2009, when there were 152 sales, […]

Fishers Real Estate Report – June, 2010


Whereas the number of pending sales dropped 52.3 percent in May, there was a less severe drop of just 17.2 percent in June. Extrapolating from the trajectory of our line graph it’s conceivable that all negative growth will cease in the coming weeks, and possibly turn positive thereafter. Attention Fishers real estate agents: Get out […]