Conner Kids Club: Big Kid Fun on the Prairie

Conner Kids art class

My family has always enjoyed Conner Prairie Interactive History Park in the spring, but this week we got to enjoy it in a whole new way. My kids were able to attend the Conner Kids: Cartoons program, hosted by local author/artist Adam Seif.  Conner Kids Club is programming designed for school age kids (graduates of […]

Running Paths in Fishers


The ground is finally starting to thaw, and it seems like people are out in force running and walking. After a long winter on the treadmill, walking on the pavement feels very, very good.  Personally, any day that it’s over 35 I try to get outside for a walk, even if it’s just for 10 […]

Two Central Indiana Cities Rank As America’s Safest Suburbs

Fishers One of America's Safest Suburbs

Two Central Indiana cities topped the list of America’s Safest Suburbs, with Carmel, Indiana coming in first place. This comes as no surprise to those of us who live and leave our cars unlocked in Hamilton County suburbs. Still, it’s always nice to see the data backing up our feelings of security. Using crime data […]

Bouncing of the Walls? Bounce Here Instead


Winter 2014 has guaranteed one thing- kids and adults alike have spent too much time inside. My kids have literally been bouncing off our walls at home, so an open bounce session at Bounce U in Fishers  was recently the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Even if you’re a repeat bouncer, every bounce session […]

Frosty Paws 4K: First Annual Fishers Dog Walk/Run

Fishers Frosty Paws 4K

Looking for a fun, new race in central Indiana? The Frosty Paws 4K is a brand new walk/run event in Fishers, Indiana featuring our favorite four-legged friends. The run/walk will take place on Saturday, March 1st. Runners and walkers are encouraged to bring your dog to the race to accompany you and your family. Our […]

Volunteer Fair to be held at Conner Prairie

Checkers at Conner Prairie

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity that can also foster your love of history, look no further than Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. Located right on Allisonville Road in Fishers, the 200 acre facility brings history to life for area residents and tourists alike. While the grounds and facilities are world-class, it’s their […]

The Gingerbread Village Competition at Conner Prairie


It’s Lucas oil Stadium as you’ve never seen it. That’s because it, along with 75 other edible creations, are made of gingerbread! The 21st annual Gingerbread Village competition is underway now through Sunday, January 5 at the Conner Prairie Interactive History Park in Fishers, Indiana. gingerbread-village-conner-prairie This fun event, which takes an entire week to […]

“Take Santa Home” Train Ride Offers Christmas Closure for Kids


One fun thing to do this time of year is take a holiday train ride at the Indiana Transportation Museum in Fishers, Indiana. Not only is a train ride a break from the usual pass times, such movies, eating out, etc., it’s an opportunity to see the local area from the unique vantage point of […]

Holiday Cheers and Beers: An Adult-Only Event at Conner Prairie


Holiday Cheers and Beers is a brand new, adults-only holiday event, hosted by Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana. It takes place Thursday, Dec. 12, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. This fun event, which is presented by the Conner Prairie Horizon Council, a young professionals group, is about having fun in the present-day, by experiencing […]

Marsh Symphony on the Prairie


For over 30 years, Marsh Symphony on the Prairie has provided outdoor music lovers a one-of-a-kind music experience. Starting in the early 80′s, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Conner Prairie partnered together to provide a public summer concert series at the Conner Prairie Amphitheatre. With Marsh Supermarkets as the ISO’s title sponsor, the concerts have […]

Greek’s Pizzeria Review: A Slice of Downtown Fishers


I recently stumbled upon a neat little pizza place in Fishers, Indiana called Greek’s Pizzeria. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to run a successful pizza place then there are two things you need to get right: crust and sauce. And as far as I could tell, Greek’s Pizzeria succeeded on both counts. From […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Shows Signs of Life in 2012


What a difference a year can make. Improvements in several key stats contributed to a Fishers real estate market finally began to show some signs of life in 2012. While the market still has a ways to go compared to the pre-2008 era, it was significantly improved versus 2011. Starting with sales, a total of […]

Fishers November, 2012 Sales Up 62.5 Percent Versus 1 Year Ago


November is the time of year in Central Indiana where holiday distractions combined with cooler, fall temperatures begin to exert a noticeable effect on the real estate market, and this year it was no different. A total of 104 closings took place in November, or 25.7 percent fewer than the previous month’s total of 140. […]

Fishers Inventory Dwindles for 3rd Straight Month in October, 2012

Despite a few minor and predictable setbacks versus the previous month, the Fishers real estate market made some impressive strides in October, 2012. Take total pending sales as an example: The most recent total of 97 represents a 24.8-percent decrease versus the previous month’s total of 129. But compared to October of 2011 it is […]

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