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Comments and Reviews About Connor Prairie Live History Park

Not to be missed‎

Visited Conner Prairie twice this season. First time was in early summer with my 8 year old twins and my parents. We spent about 5 hours here and all had a wonderful time. There are many hands on things for kids (learning how to bead, making a candle,etc). The interpretive actors were very informative and interesting. There are farm animals and kids can learn to milk a goat,comb a sheep,etc. Went back with my kids and husband for the “Headless Horseman” program that runs on the weekends in October in the evenings…

Never again‎

Whenever my ten year old nephew comes to visit, we’ve skipped Conner Prairie because he’s more into doing things like the Indianapolis Children’s Museum or the Indianapolis Zoo (loves both). When we learned that Conner Prairie had hot air balloon rides this summer, …‎

Great Family Attraction‎

My sister and I visited Conner Prairie and it was a wonderful experience. They have costumed interpreters there that will tell you about daily life in one of four different settings at different times of the 1700’s and 1800’s. They also have a tethered hot air balloon ride which we didn’t do and is an extra charge, but it did look really nice. …

Awesome, very fun, very well trained staff‎ – No Profile for hooosierdad3boys

Loved the staff, most sociable and knowledgable. They were there if you needed them , but they did not hound you or seek you out . And the concession prices should win an award!…2 dollars for the biggest soda.‎

Historical Fun!!‎ no profile for jm10holder

My husband and I visited Conner Prairie and loved it. The re-enactors were great and each one stayed in character the entire time. They were funny, interesting and knowledgeable. We were impressed with the farmer’s wife (Mrs. Zimmerman) / her daughter, the hog farmer’s daughter who worked the crowd at the wedding, the gentleman / young men in the story telling cabin of the Lenape Indian Camp and the crafters in the Conner Homestead. Moving from one vignette to another painted a clear picture of that 1800 century life, concise, interesting and informative. Conner Prairie brought back memories of our parents explaining the “ways of the past”. We suspect that many in today’s society are blind to the knowledge of the early settlers. Fortunately, there are places, like Conner Prairie, that try to keep the heritage of our country alive. Overall, the whole experience was wonderful.‎

Wonderful Visit‎

We are a couple in our early 50’s and didn’t know if this would be appropriate for us. It was. The admission was a bargain. We toured the whole property and then took the tram back to the beginning (no extra charge). They had people …‎

Worth while trip‎

My wife and I really enjoyed this settlement. All the workers were extremely knowledgable and friendly. The settlement really gave a feel for what life was like back in the 1800’s. They showed them making fresh baked bread, cookies, …‎

Neat outdoor museum‎

We visited recently with our 3 kids- ages 9, 6, 3. Went ahead and bought a membership; after two visits a family of 4 or 5 gets their money’s worth. (For us it was $43 x 2 vs. $60 for the membership and visits are unlimited until next July. …‎

Great day‎

Conner Prairie is a large, living history museum located just a few minutes north-east of Indianapolis, and was an excellent opportunity for us English folk to learn some of the pioneer American history. It seems that there are always …‎

Enjoyed Our Visit‎

As my family and I were passing through Indianapolis we decided to stop in at the Conner Settlement. I had done a search and found this place on a Indianapolis attraction web site. With little information to go on we stopped in and to our …‎

Will go back Season after Season, ALWAYS…‎

This is a Large, Living, Early Settlement Village located just a few minutes north of Indianapolis, and is one of the uniquely Indiana Stops. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you are visiting there are always exciting activities. …‎

Fun for the whole family‎

Conner Prairie is a great place to take the kids and spend a day learning about the past. It’s one thing for kids to read about something in a book or watch the History Channel but actually seeing it and being able to participate is a …‎

Stepping Back in Time‎

What a GREAT way for kids to know how it was in the “olden days”. It’s like stepping back in time. There are often programs such as the Headless Horseman , Follow the North Star, Independence Day Celebration and more. …‎


I remember loving this place when I was little. I loved the authenticity. And it’s pretty interactive. Much later, in my twenties I had to go to a mandatory motivational corporate “team bonding” day held there. Didn’t seem so relevant to …‎

Take a walk back in time‎

Take your kids to see what life was like in the old days…they can card wool, churn butter and watch smiths at work.The actors working there are a real community of sorts, and wear period-authentic clothing, in addition to learning all the …‎

fun for all ages‎

we took our younger kids to conner praire and they really had alot of fun, they have things for people of all ages to see and explore, this is a place that you could go to year after year and learn and see something new, in the fall they …‎

Educational AND Fun‎

Conner Prairie is a great place for children to see what life in the 1800s was like.They have all kinds of activities for kids to do from churning butter to viewing the looms.You never know what you’ll find because the activities change …‎

Conner Prairie | Conner Prairie Permanent and Annual Events and Exhibits | Comments and Reviews Connor Prairie Living History Museum | Conner Prairie Videos | Conner Prairie Photos

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