Sunblest Apartment Homes: A Place to call Home

Deciding on where to live can be a difficult decision. Whether you are looking to buy a house or rent an apartment, there are steps that need to be put into place when deciding where to reside. But if you live in the Fishers, Indiana, area there is one apartment complex that helps make that decision a little bit easier. Fishers has some of the best real estate in the entire state of Indiana. At Sunblest Apartment Homes you will get more than just a place to call home. You will be welcomed to an array of amenities that will have you bragging to all of your friends about your new home. At Sunblest Apartments Homes, you will not only have spacious living quarters, but a ton of options when it comes to picking the apartment you want to live in. They offer one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, and even three bedroom apartments. You can even get a two bedroom apartment with only one bathroom and a three bedroom with as many as three full bathrooms. Granted, the rates per month vary based on what apartment you choose, but that is to be expected anywhere you rent.

Sunblest Apartment Homes are located in Fishers, Indiana, on 116th Street between Interstate 69 and Allisonville Road. They are open seven days a week and offer apartment tours upon request. You are invited to come in and see one of the sales agents and tour whatever size apartment would fit your needs. With the convenient location of Sunblest Apartments, you are literally only minutes away from downtown Noblesville, Keystone at the Crossing, and a short drive from downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Most places are easily accessible from I-69 or by any number of side streets that run north and south throughout the city of Indianapolis, including Allisonville Road, Dean Road, Meridian Street, and so on. It makes living on the far northeast side of Indianapolis that much more enjoyable.


The clubhouse at Sunblest Apartments is open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday they are open from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. That extra hour makes all the difference if you are trying to visit the leasing office during the week. But if you can’t get there during the week, the extended office hours on Saturday and hours on Sunday from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM allow you total control over when you want to visit an apartment. This is also nice for folks who live at Sunblest as well. The clubhouse itself is actually divided into two sections.

On the right hand side of the clubhouse you will find the leasing office. Here you will always find any number of sales agents ready to assist you. You can also catch one of the many on-site maintenance guys walking around in case you have an issue with your apartment. There is also a great view and access to the outdoor patio on the right side of the clubhouse. Here you can see a man-made rock fountain, a nice wooden canopy, and a stainless steel grill for your summer outdoor grilling needs. The right side of the building is actually available to rent out for events and gatherings that residents may want to have.

Also on this side of the clubhouse, you can take advantage of their full service office center that offers free high-speed wireless Internet, desktop computers for you to use, and even a printer and fax machine. The first ten prints for residents are free and only a dime for every print after that. The printer is black and white, unfortunately, but it does come in handy from time to time.

Workout Facility & Tanning Bed

Just on the other side of the office facility you can find the Sunblest Apartments gym. The gym it not open 24/7, but does open at 6:00 AM every morning and doesn’t close until 12:00 AM each night. The gym is open only to residents and all new residents get an access code for when the leasing office is closed. The doors to the gym are unlocked while the leasing office is open, but are closed when the last agent leaves for the day. The gym itself is quite impressive offering a wide range of exercise equipment. There are a handful of treadmills, a few elliptical machines, a bicycle machine, a collection of free weights, and a ton of weight lifting machines. There are some basic rules while in the gym, but nothing you wouldn’t expect. You must be eighteen years of age and a resident of Sunblest Apartment Homes to be able to use the equipment. Also, there are no children allowed inside the gym at any time.

Inside the gym itself, there are also two racquetball courts for you to use. They are open whenever the gym is open, but can be reserved in advance through a signup sheet found just inside the gym itself. These racquetball courts can actually be used for things other than just playing racquetball. You can also rent these to work on your tennis game, play volleyball, or any other sport that you can think of while in these courts. There are some rules while in these rooms as well. You must wear plain tennis shoes, and they must have soft soles. No dress shoes or anything that could tear up the flooring is allowed. Note that there are cameras all over the gym so if you break the rules, assume that you will get caught.

The gym is a great place to work out and kill some time and burn some calories. There are two flat-panel televisions hanging in the gym as well and you can change the channel anytime you wish. Most times there are folks watching sports or just listening to music but I have been known to walk in there and turn on a good movie or some cartoons to entertain me while I workout. Either way, they try to make the gym as friendly and as fun as possible. They do ask that after each use of any machine or equipment, you use one of their provided sanitizer hand towels to clean the machine.

Once you are finished working out, you can take a quick shower in the locker room located just inside the gym. The locker room has a handful of showers for your convenience. Or, if you like to shower after tanning you can also hop in and wash off. Another free amenity of living at Sunblest is use of their free standup tanning bed. This bed is great for getting an all over tan, and you can simply walk in for your tanning sessions as long as the leasing center is open. In fact, you must be in to register for your tanning session a half an hour before they close. They won’t allow anyone to tan that close to closing time for obvious reasons.

While using the tanning bed, as with the gym and racquetball courts, there are some rules for you to pay attention to. It is suggested that you wear proper tanning lotion, and you are required by law to wear eye covers. But, Sunblest actually proves those for you free of charge. You are also requested to use the provided cleaning solution to wipe down the bed once you are finished. There are paper towels available for you as well. So if the clubhouse was not enough, or the fully equipped gym didn’t get you, then hopefully the tanning bed and racquetball courts will.

Swimming Pools

During the hot Indiana summer months, nothing beats jumping head first into a nice cool swimming pool. Here at Sunblest Apartment Homes, there are actually two pools for you to swim in. At their main clubhouse, where the leasing center is located, you can go swimming or at their Sun Club, located near the far end of the complex. Depending on where your apartment home is located, you are never too far from a swimming pool. The pools themselves are quite large and there are beach chairs provided for you. However, bring your own towel, as they do not provide those at either pool. The pool is open from sunrise until sunset, and there is never a lifeguard on duty. So if you choose to go swimming, make sure you have a friend with you and that you do not put yourself in danger by swimming alone.

The pools at Sunblest are kept in near perfect condition all year long as well. The highly trained and professional maintenance staff at Sunblest makes sure that the pools are always open and always looking as clean as possible. Granted, there will be times that you find the pool crowded, usually on the weekends, but it is their goal to make sure you have a great experience no matter what time of day you wish to swim. If you ever find an issue with either one of the pools, or anything while at Sunblest for that matter, make sure you call the main office and express your concern. If no one is in the office, or you call after hours, just leave a message, a phone number, and they will respond to you the next morning. The ladies at Sunblest are great about making sure you always have a speedy response time.

Public Dog Park

Sunblest Apartment Homes is one of the few apartment complexes that allow you to have pets. From cats and dogs to snakes and fish, they are all welcome at Sunblest Apartment Homes. There are rates that apply to having an animal, usually a $200 pet deposit and then a monthly service fee of $15, but that is just to help cover the damage that can be caused by your pet. I have seen animals actually tear up doors, floors, carpet, and everything else you can think of. The apartment complex has to cover those costs by forcing the animal to pay rent as well! Also the amount of funds it will cost you will depend on the size of the animal. The smallest dog size, for example, runs from 0-25 pounds. When they get bigger, it is assumed that they could potentially cause more damage, so again the complex must cover that. Ask when signing your lease as this pet deposit can sometimes be refundable if no damage is caused.

When walking your animal – whether cat or dog or other – outside of the apartment home, the animal must be on a leash. This helps cut down on liability and allows for the owner to be in control of the animals. But, if you do want the dog to run loose, then take it over to the Sunblest Apartment Dog Park. This is a large, grassy, fenced-in area that you can let your dog absolutely run wild in. Of course, as with everything else at Sunblest, there are some rules to pay attention to. First, the gate to the dog park must be closed at all times. Also, in the dog park as well as within the community of Sunblest, you must clean up any accidents your dog might experience. If you are caught not cleaning up after your dog you will suffer a $25 fine each time. It is also required that all dogs have their appropriate shots and that they each have a name tag with the dog’s name, owner’s contact information, and anything else that would be needed in case the dog was lost. The dog park is open from dawn until dusk every day and is located on the far north side of the apartment community.

Tennis & Volleyball Courts

Sunblest offers more than just racquetball courts for the athletic type. Here at Sunblest Apartments you can also find a sand volleyball court and two full regulation size tennis courts. They are located right next to each other and can be found just on the other side of the leasing center. Both courts are lit up at night by a series of flood lights which you can control from just behind the main entrance to the tennis courts. They are set on a timer of sixty minute intervals and must be reset each time you want to keep playing. These courts get pretty backed up during the summer, and allow for lots of relationship building amongst the community. There is also an open fire grill and some picnic tables located just beside the volleyball courts for your outdoor summer grilling. But, as with everything else at Sunblest, the tennis court has some rules. But again, nothing more than you would expect. Just make sure that you are playing regulation tennis inside the fenced area, you keep animals and children off the courts, and that you turn the lights off when you leave. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

Additional Apartment Amenities

So what else does Sunblest Apartment Homes offer? Well, besides all of the previously listed amenities, you also get twenty-four hour emergency maintenance, indoor and outdoor storage units, optional garages with automatic garage door openers, a volleyball court, free notary service, and even a place to wash your car. The list just goes on and on with what you can expect at Sunblest Apartment Homes with your new rental. Rates, as with most rental properties, vary based on the size of the unit and floor plan that you chose to live in, but the rates are quite reasonable compared to that of surrounding Fishers, Indiana, apartment homes. If you are looking for a new place to live, even temporary, Sunblest Apartments might be just what you are looking for. And if you are a student or work as a service employee – for instance for the fire department or police department – you may be able to take advantage of early lease termination without penalty. If you fit this category, you can get out of your lease after having served only six months. The folks at Sunblest are truly there to make your living experience as enjoyable as possible.

Sunblest Apartment Homes offer you a great location on the northeast side of Indianapolis, put you in the middle of a bustling Fishers district offering great nightlife, a selection of many delicious restaurants, and offer you an endless list of amenities for your living pleasures. I am not sure there is a better apartment complex in the entire city of Indianapolis. So if you are looking to move, consider moving to Sunblest Apartments. Welcome home.

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