Bouncing of the Walls? Bounce Here Instead

Winter 2014 has guaranteed one thing- kids and adults alike have spent too much time inside. My kids have literally been bouncing off our walls at home, so an open bounce session at Bounce U in Fishers  was recently the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Even if you’re a repeat bouncer, every bounce session starts with a safety video. From there, the group moves on to bouncing. Unlike other Indianapolis area bounce attractions, Bounce U is more controlled and contained, which makes it easier on the adults. It’s a trade-off- other places you can just walk in, and here you really need a reservation. Making a reservation and having a time limit is worth it, in my opinion.  My kids love playing with the Bounce attendants, whom I am fairly certain had circus careers in a past life. They race, challenge, and encourage the kids on all of the inflatables, ranging from bouncers to slides to ball throwing and hitting. My son loves baseball, so he spent most of his time at the two ball activities. My daughter is more adventurous, and stayed in constant motion.


With the Bounce attendants playing with the children, I’m free to sit in the parents area. It would be great if observing parents could watch from some soundproof room, but a seating area with free wi-fi is the next best thing.  Of course, there was plenty of urging for me to get up and bounce from my kids, as well as the attendants. Yes, they even encourage the adults to bounce, and it’s more exhausting than it looks. It’s also a lot of fun, and I counted it as my cardio for the day. Bouncing and sliding with my kids is different than how we usually connect, and it’s a really good time.


After two hours of non-stop bouncing, even my two dynamos were ready for some quiet time. We passed on the snacks available in the front lobby and headed home. One child may have fallen asleep in the car. The other child wanted to know immediately when we were going to return. When I told her we’d be back in a few weeks, she asked, “Well, did you see the sign for their Parents Night Out? If we did that, you could just drop us off there.” She may be onto to something…