Conner Kids Club: Big Kid Fun on the Prairie

My family has always enjoyed Conner Prairie Interactive History Park in the spring, but this week we got to enjoy it in a whole new way. My kids were able to attend the Conner Kids: Cartoons program, hosted by local author/artist Adam Seif. 

Conner Kids art class with Adam SeifConner Kids Club is programming designed for school age kids (graduates of their Prairie Tykes, if you will) and are held at various times. This particular program happened on April Fool’s Day, but it was no joke. After some free drawing time, Mr. Seif guided the children through how shapes can be turned into aliens or airplanes, and everything in between. As kids raised their hands for help, he coached them along, communicating that ‘drawing isn’t perfect’ and ‘this isn’t about straight lines.’ While the children were hesitant to share at first, by the end of the class everyone wanted to show off their creations. Simple tricks like drawing ‘action lines’ and using a line to show where objects are in space were easy enough for even the youngest artists to understand. 

The program lasted for 90 minutes, and it included a much anticipated snack time (cookies! juice! donut holes!). I was concerned that my kindergartener wouldn’t be able to focus for the entire time, but Mr. Seif has clearly done this kind of class before. Time went by quickly, and my son was surprised when it was over. We learned that Mr. Seif’s books were available in the Conner Prairie gift shop, and after hearing about them, we went to check them out. We ended up picking up all three titles, and now we’ve been enjoying the adventures of Billy and Eduardo ever since. My kids are also enchanted by the drawing lessons that are in the back of one of the books. 

The Conner Kids program is still fairly new, but my kids and I are looking forward to more interesting classes in the future!