5 Skyzone Tips for Parent Fun

Skyzone-FishersLast weekend, we took the whole family to Skyzone in Fishers. And, for the first time, I bought myself a bounce pass and joined them. Previously, we had only attended on Scout field trips or birthday parties, so I simply watched or dropped the kids off. For our family fun outing, I was planning to join in.

We were there for an hour, and I learned a lot of things I wish I had known before our jump time. It sounds simple — pay for a jump pass in 30-minute increments, buy the special $2 skysocks, and have a blast in the trampoline-filled playground. For kids, it is exactly that simple, but things are a little different for grownups. Because family fun should be for kids and parents, here are a few tips for your own enjoyment when you visit Skyzone:


  • Dress appropriately. Jeans were a bad idea. I knew it would get hot and sweaty so I did wear a sleeveless shirt, but I wish I had worn stretchier pants.
  • Bring quarters. The lockers cost $.25-$.50 to lock, and you’ll want some place to store your shoes and other belongings.
  • Pee first, especially moms. Just trust me on this one. It’s been a week now, and my bladder still isn’t the same.
  • Buy a shorter pass than your kids. I only bought myself a 30-minute pass, while the rest of the family had an hour. I had wanted to be sure I had some time to focus on taking pictures and just watching them have fun. Turns out? I couldn’t have lasted an hour if I tried. It is a serious workout!
  • Allow for some recovery when you return home. I seriously should have iced my knees. The kids are still talking about how much fun they had — we’re still feeling the effects.