Flavor of Fishers: Tastes Great In The Suburbs

Fishers’ annual festival is the place to be Saturday, July 30, 2011. At Flavor of Fishers, local restaurants, businesses and other organizations put their best foot forward, offering attendees the chance to take a taste of what’s happening in this Indianapolis suburb.  Take a taste of a near Indianapolis neighborhood at Flavor of Fishers, a […]

Parker Stancato: Political Activist and Long-Time Fishers Resident

Standing amongst a wealth of captivating lives and people residing in Fishers, is a young man trying to put his name on that list at a surprisingly early age. While most of his peers are completing school or finding a job, Parker Stancato’s path has been a little different.   In May, Stancato competed as […]

Art Photographer J.D. Nolan

There are still traditional photographers, lovers of the art in black and white, who work only with film and process every picture by hand in an old-fashioned darkroom full of those distinctive chemical fumes. Who knew? Fishers, Indiana photographic artist J.D. Nolan is just one of those traditional types. Nolan uses a 4 x 5 […]

Joe Reitz: From Football to Basketball to Football Again

Several famous residents of Fishers, Indiana play basketball (Dahntay Jones, Austin Croshere, Reggie Miller), and severals other play or coach football (Rosevelt Colvin, John Teerlinck), but only two of them have played both: Rosevelt Colvin and Joe Reitz. Reitz was a master of the most Hoosier of all sports during his tenure at Western Michigan […]

Rosevelt Colvin: Boilermaker, Bear, Patriot, Fishers Resident

Many Indianapolis sports figures live close to the Circle City in the affluent suburb of Fishers, Indiana, including Dahntay Jones, Austin Croshere, and Alan Henderson. Most of these players aren’t originally from Indianapolis; they’re free agents from other places who happened to end up on an Indy sports team, and their residence in Fishers is […]

Dahntay Jones: Heart, Skill, and Determination

Dahntay Jones‘ tenure in Fishers, Indiana is tenuous at best. The NBA player arrived in Fishers when he signed with the Indiana Pacers basketball team on July 14, 2009, but it already looks like the player is soon to be traded elsewhere. However, this isn’t because Dahntay Jones is a slacker or a non-team player; […]

Austin Croshere: Once Promising Pacer

Indiana is predominantly a basketball state. Everyone knows this; all you have to do is watch the movie Hoosiers to get a glimpse of the hoops heritage in play here in Indiana. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that a number of professional basketball players and potential NBA stars have lived or were born in […]

John Teerlinck: Defensive Line Coach for the Indianapolis Colts

Though the players of the Indianapolis Colts are certainly an important part of the football team, winning begins with the coaches. Though in recent years the Colts defense hasn’t been very potent in comparison with the rest of the NFL, this is not the fault of defensive line coach John Teerlinck, a 30 year veteran […]

Tomas Scheckter: Indianapolis 500 Driver from Fishers

Not all residents of Fishers, Indiana were born in the United States. Such is the case of IndyCar racer Tomas Scheckter, who was born halfway across the globe and lived most of his early life in South Africa. A world traveling driver, Scheckter has performed admirably in his home country of South Africa, in Europe, […]

Zach Randolph: NBA All-Star from Fishers

Fishers, Indiana has been churning out sports stars during its entire short existence. Many famous people from Fishers are somehow or another involved in Indiana sports, and many of these people play the most Hoosier of all sports: basketball. Perhaps this is why Indianapolis sports teams do so well in almost all categories of sport; […]

Alan Henderson: NBA Power Forward from Fishers

Towering over other basketball players at a massive 6’9″, Alan Henderson was a monolithic NBA player from Fishers, Indiana, a prosperous suburb just outside of Indianapolis. Henderson retired from the NBA in 2007 after being tossed around by several different teams, but his history in Indiana sports is pretty bright for such a minor NBA […]

Tony Gwynn, Baseball Hall of Famer and Famous Resident of Fishers, Indiana

High on the roster of famous people from Fishers is the name of Tony Gwynn. “Mr. Padre” produced a lifetime pro-ball career as a right fielder for the San Diego Padres that got him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He also produced a son, Tony Gwynn Jr., who just might be on his way […]