Cheeney Creek in Fishers Indiana

Just off Fishers Pointe Boulevard, west of Lantern Road, this special, 25-acre green piece of paradise was newly developed for the more adventuresome nature-lover. It contains a large fishing pond stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill and channel catfish, a beautiful wooded trail and lots of room to bask.

cheeney-creek-park-sign-at-entranceA Sign at the Entrance of Cheeney Creek Park

wooded-trail-at-cheeney-creek-parkA Wooded Trail at Cheeney Creek Park

ramp-leads-to-fishing-deck-at-cheeney-creek-parkA Ramp Leads to a Fishing Deck at Cheeney Creek Park

photo-of-fishing-deck-at-cheeney-creek-parkA Deck for Fishing at Cheeney Creek Park

fishing-deck-at-cheeney-creek-parkView of the Lake at Cheeney Creek as Seen from the Deck

childrens-play-area-at-cheeney-creek-parkA Children’s Play Area (under Construction) at Cheeney Creek Park

sign-post-at-cheeney-creek-parkAn Informational Sign Post at Cheeney Creek Park

creek-cuts-through-cheeney-creek-parkA Creek Cuts through Cheeney Creek Park

look-out-point-2-at-cheeney-creek-parkA Look-Out Point at Cheeney Creek Park

look-out-point-at-cheeney-creek-parkAnother Look-Out Point at Cheeney Creek Park

photo-of-wooded-trail-at-cheeney-creek-parkEntranced to Wooded Trails at Cheeney Creek Park

parking-area-at-cheeney-creek-parkParking area at Cheeney Creek Park

picnic-area-at-cheeney-creek-parkPicnic Area at Cheeney Creek Park


cheeney-creek-homes-for-saleHomes for Sale Near Cheeney Creek


Cheeney Creek Natural Area
11030 Fishers Pointe Blvd
Fishers, IN 46038