Fishers Chamber of Commerce: Supporting Local Businesses

Chamber of Commerce Fishers Indiana in Fishers, IndianaAs one might expect in a thriving community such as Fishers, Indiana, the Fishers Chamber of Commerce is going all out to make sure Fishers businesses get all the help they can get. Fishers, a fast-growing suburb of Indianapolis, is a family and business oriented town that takes good care of its own. Its proximity to big city Indy not withstanding, Fishers has managed to maintain its down-home charm even as it continues to blossom.


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce (FCC) exists to serve the economic health of the community of Fishers. It boasts almost 1,000 members, and most of them are small businesses that joined the Chamber of Commerce for its many benefits, including a voice in the Chamber’s business dealings.

As is the case with most cities’ Chambers of Commerce, the benefits of membership are enormous:


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce functions as a liaison group between Fishers businesspeople and local and state legislators. Members, therefore, have a much stronger influence than non-members on business related decisions made by the government.

Along with their political advocacy work, the Chamber also represents local businesses with the Fishers Police and the local Business Crime Watch Program.


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce Directory prints two free listings for Chamber members, a necessity for local publicity. The Chamber also helps new businesses with ground-breakings and ribbon-cuttings, as well as providing Chamber of Commerce membership plaques and decals.

Many other opportunities for business publicity, direct and indirect, are made available to Chamber members on an ongoing basis.


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce produces monthly lunches and other get-togethers for the express purpose of making those all-important business contacts.

The Chamber also holds many events throughout the year, such as their Pillar Awards and Gala, to give local businesspeople the opportunity to make new contacts and cement old relationships.


The Fishers Chamber of Commerce has a well developed member savings program, which allows business members to share in member discounts.


Belonging to the Chamber of Commerce grants immediate credibility to the business member, implying stability, teamwork and a caring attitude about the economic health of the community.

Development of the Workforce

The Fishers Chamber of Commerce contains an Education Council that exists to support a healthy and successful workforce development plan throughout the town. This plan addresses such essential items as childcare for Fishers children, Fishers education, labor relations and safety, working closely with the Fishers Economic Development Commission, local government and the Chamber at large.

Young Professionals Group

One of the unique offerings of the Fishers Chamber of Commerce is their Young Professionals Group, a network of young Fishers professionals who work with the Chamber to improve the economy of Fishers and assure its continuing success. The Young Professionals Group offers several monthly opportunities to meet and connect with other professionals, gather information, effect involvement in the community and form the foundations of leadership.

For more information on the Fishers Chamber of Commerce, please visit the organization’s homepage.

Fishers Chamber of Commerce
11601 Municipal Dr
PO Box 353
Fishers, IN 46038