Fishers YMCA: Activites, Amenities, and Outreach

The Fishers YMCA in Fishers, Indiana is one of the eleven branches that make up the Indianapolis YMCA. The other branches are: YMCA at the Athenaeum, Baxter YMCA, Benjamin Harrison YMCA, Butler Intercollegiate YMCA, Flat Rock River YMCA Camp, Jordan YMCA, Pike YMCA, Ransburg YMCA, Urban Mission YMCA, and West District YMCA. This state of the art Y building opened its doors in May of 2002, making it the first new YMCA facility in the Indianapolis area in 40 years. The Fishers YMCA has over 20,000 members, but more people sign up every day. The sheer amount of activities, amenities, and outreach done by this YMCA branch is mind-boggling.

Video tour of the Fishers YMCA in Fishers, Indiana


The Fishers YMCA offers many incentives to join their ranks. They provide free child care for Fishers children when you stop by to work out and a rec room for teenagers to hang out in. The rec room is fully equipped with a foosball table, arcade games, a computer lab and an enormous television, and there’s Wi-Fi access throughout the whole facility. This pillar of Indianapolis health has three gyms, three different pools, and even a Subway restaurant in case you get hungry after a long day of toning muscles and getting rid of belly flab.

While there are plenty of reasons for adults to join the Fishers YMCA, Indianapolis kids have plenty of reasons to get excited. In addition to the myriad of sports leagues and teams that most Indianapolis YMCA’s offer, this YMCA branch has a great amount of programs for kids of all ages, from those still bumbling around in diapers to those starting to function in the real world.

Video of a children’s soccer practice at the Fishers YMCA in Fishers, Indiana



The “Little Learners” program is a preschool program for kids ages 3 to 5. It’s a day camp right on the grounds of the Fishers YMCA, where your kids will learn the value of sharing, respect, and cleaning up after themselves. This last skill is sure to make any parent breathe a sigh of relief. Children also learn self-esteem, language skills, independence, music, art, and they have plenty of time to run around in the enormous Fishers YMCA gym.


For the older kids, the Fishers YMCA also offers the “Homeschool Enrichment” program. This is a program designed to supplement a traditional homeschooling experience with field trips and educational tours. Participants get a first-hand look at tons of Indianapolis attractions and Indianapolis media vessels, such as the Indianapolis Star, the Indiana War Memorial Museum, Channel 40 WHMB, the Indiana State Museum, and Survive Alive Village on Mass Ave. It’s a great way to get the kids out of the house to receive a good education in Indianapolis!

Video of a dodgeball tournament at the Fishers YMCA in Fishers, Indiana


With all these bonuses to joining the Fishers YMCA, you might think the membership fees are through the roof. Fear not, because this Y is very affordable, with a one time fee starting at $25 for youth and $100 for a whole household. Not only that, but no child will ever be refused access to the Fishers YMCA for not being able to pay the membership fee, thanks to the Strong Kids Campaign. 100% of campaign donations go toward helping kids and families attend the host of activities, camps, and programs available to YMCA members. The list of donors is long, and even includes Pepsi and the Indiana Pacers.

So if you’re looking for a place to get fit, teach your kids the ins and outs of life, and contribute to the well-being of hundreds of Indiana residents, the Fishers YMCA is the place for you. For more information on the Fishers YMCA, including a program guide and hours, please visit the YMCA’s homepage.

Fishers YMCA
9012 E 126th St
Fishers, IN 46038