Larry Hamilton: Transparent Watercolor in Fishers

The artwork of Larry Hamilton, an artist in Fishers, Indiana, can be labeled as “transparent watercolor.” This is a unique medium that allows the artist to be loose and free with a watercolor wash or to produce pictures with more depth and fine detail by using layers. Interestingly, transparent watercolor paints usually come from natural earth pigments, and the watercolor paper is generally 100% cotton.

Other than some workshops with Tom Lynch, Tony Couch and Tony van Hasselt, Larry Hamilton is completely self-taught in the medium of transparent watercolor, which he uses exclusively.

Larry Hamilton, a valuable member of the Fishers art scene and paints only 10″ x 14″ pictures, all land and waterscapes. His color palettes are the muted colors of sunset, and he paints in a realistic style, touched by his own love of nature and a good eye for composition.

For more information on Larry Hamilton, please visit his homepage.

Larry Hamilton
15336 Charbono St
Fishers, IN
Off: 734.812.1880