Pocket Park in Fishers Indiana

Pocket Park is located just west of the intersection of Moore Street and 116th Street in Fishers, and east of the famous Nickel Plate Railroad. The park features bike racks and a stage.

pocket-park-from-sidewalkPocket Park in Fishers Indiana

colorful-art-at-pocket-park-fishersColorful Artwork on Display at Pocket Park

chalk-boards-at-pocket-park-fishersChalk Boards at Pocket Park

nickel-plate-plaque--at-pocket-park-fishersA Plaque Hangs on Planked Wall at Pocket Park

angled-view-of-pocket-park-fishersNorthwest Angle of Pocket Park

blue-bike-rack-at-pocket-park-fishersA Blue Bike Rack at Pocket Park

flower-bed-at-pocket-park-fishersA Flower Bed at Pocket Park

cross-street-signs-at-pocket-park-fishersCross Street Signs at Pocket Park

a-bicyclist-rides-past-pocket-parkA Bicyclist Rides Past Pocket Park

street-view-at-pocket-park-fishersStreet View at Pocket Park

yellow-canopy-at-pocket-park-fishersA Yellow Canopy Provides Shade at at Pocket Park

homes-for-sale-near-pocket-park-fishersHomes for Sale Near Pocket Park

Pocket Park
8700 E. 116th St.
Fishers, IN 46038