Society in Fishers, Indiana

Symphony on the Prairie at Conner Prairie in Fishers, IndianaFishers, Indiana is a prosperous, growing suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis. The small satellite community shares with Indianapolis a rich pioneer heritage, and its proximity to the Circle City means that its residents get to take part and participate in the vast amount of culture and art that flows out of Indianapolis. Indianapolis society has a huge influence on Fishers society, but the two manage to be distinct entities with their own organizations, events, and activities. Along with the growth in population, Fishers society has also been experiencing a boom period.

A decade or two ago, you might not have seen too much culture in Fishers. Nowadays, however, it’s becoming a hotbed for artists, musicians, and other creative types. Members of the Fishers art scene like Pamela Newell, Shelly O’Dell, Larry Hamilton, and Amy Harnish keep the region relevant, while Fishers bars and Fishers nightlife venues like Nickel Plate Bar & Grill, the Britton Tavern, the former Fionn MacCool’s Irish Pub, and Muldoon’s keep visitors and Fishers music fans flowing in. Fishers even has its own classical music organization, the Fishers Chamber Orchestra, that allows its residents to experience the sweet sounds of the past masters along with contemporary scores, and the Fishers Summer Concert Series allows members of Fishers society to keep up to date with all the current musical trends.

Video of live music at Britton Tavern in Fishers, Indiana

In addition to all the individuals that make Fishers society as rich as it is, the town itself tries to keep up with Indianapolis arts and Indianapolis events. There are several Fishers events that celebrate the vibrant history and originality of the town. The Fishers Freedom Festival is an important event for Fishers society, bringing all members of the town together to experience the beauty of a Fishers park and the tradition of living in Fishers. In addition, the Fishers Renaissance Faire is a unique boon to Fishers society that really adds to the identity of the town.

Video of the Fishers Freedom Festival parade in Fishers, Indiana

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra performing at Conner Prairie in Fishers, IndianaEven Fishers attractions are a part of Fishers society. Museums like Conner Prairie keep the rich history of this former pioneer town alive with interactive displays, detailed exhibits, and special events. Conner Prairie acts as a magnet of culture; the museum attracts guest performers from all over Central Indiana, including such distinguished groups as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Indiana schools routinely bring students to Conner Prairie to learn about the past of the region; the museum is a major part of Fishers’ identity and culture.

Doing Indy video about the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s visit to Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana

Though it might not look like it at first glance, Fishers society can be just as unique and rich as Indianapolis society. Fishers artists practice a variety of different styles and disciplines, there are several Fishers music venues and musical organizations that attract lots of area culture, and unique Fishers events and attractions like the Fishers Freedom Festival and Conner Prairie bring in tourists from all over the place to experience the bounty of Fishers society. Come visit Fishers, Indiana today to see why it’s made its own mark on Indiana society!