Sports in Fishers, Indiana

The Fishers Parks and Recreation Department has the town covered as far as Fishers sports are concerned. Tops on the list is S.P.O.R.T.S. at Billericay Park. It is the place to go for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, volleyball, track and even cheerleading in Fishers, Indiana.

Getting fit for Fishers sports at the Fieldhouse in Fishers, Indiana in this video

Mudsock Fields, one of the oldest parks around, has three complete football fields, and the Roy G. Holland Memorial Park offers athletic fields of all types. Other Fishers parks offer still more for the Fishers sports lover. You have basketball and soccer at the Brooks School Park, baseball and softball at Eller Fields Park and Harrison Park, and even a well-stocked fishing pond at Cheeny Creek.

Promotional video for Fishers parks in Fishers, Indiana, the main venue for Fishers sports

For winter sports, there’s the Forum at Fishers, where you can learn to skate and then enjoy it at a professional rink. Hockey anyone? They’ve got it! No matter your skill level, this is the place for hockey at Fishers. They may not stack up to the tremendous sports offerings in Indianapolis, but Fishers sports are nothing to sneeze at!

Home video of junior hockey at the Fishers Forum in Fishers, Indiana